YouTube’s latest tests draw criticism for wanting to limit playback to 4K for most users – PC

Youtube It has established itself as one of the queen platforms when it comes to offering videos of all kinds, which clearly includes video game related content. This is the reason why she continues to appear as One of the most used services To watch broadcasts of our favorite pastime, but also implement various strategies to increase their number Super Users. And his last ideas did not finish coagulating in the audience.

If you’re someone who enjoys watching trailers and gameplay with high quality, you’ll probably use 4K video playback. This option is still available on YouTube, but there are users who cannot access it due to one of the most recent tests on the platform: Restrict the activation of this function It is reserved only for users subscribed to its premium plan.

As mentioned in the edgethis is nothing more than a test To check the effectiveness of a strategy does not have to be definitive. However, there are not a few users who have expressed their complaints on social networks after this novelty was discovered, as they consider it a rather aggressive campaign that does nothing but reject viewers who do not want to subscribe to Premium. plan.

Fortunately, YouTube will likely end up abandoning this idea in favor of other initiatives that are more suited to user preferences. After all, one of her star jobs Also finds a place on Twitchalthough this latter platform has been annoying creators as well Changes in the profit sharing system.

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