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Since BTS was born 10 years ago, the members of the musical group have always shown their lives behind the microphone. Movies on Youtube and Disney Plus highlight musicians in concert and their daily lives.

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The BTS members have released their content since the beginning of the group’s success, and because they wanted to take a deeper look into their work and life. In fact, it wasn’t much time for them to appear on TV and variety shows in South Korea before they became famous.

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Next, we share information on where to watch the musical group’s six movies from home.

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Rookie King: BTS channel

Written by: YouTube

It is an 8-episode show that aired between September and October 2013. BTS members bonded over some episodes and parodied dramas and commercials from their old bedrooms.

BTS American Hustler Life

Written by: YouTube

BTS shows themselves in their first steps as a music group, when they traveled to the United States for a period to study singing, dancing, and rap. They had trouble communicating through the Korean language, and this is shown on this reality show from 2014.

Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul: Live Performance

Written by: Disney Plus

It’s a movie for a 2022 concert that many fans, ARMYs, of BTS couldn’t attend. This happened in Seoul, but it was broadcasted via live broadcast. The tape was also shown in some cinemas.

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Permission to dance on stage – LA

Written by: Disney+

“Butter”, “On” and other hits were played in concerts at SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles, California) in 2021 and September 2022. Later, they were broadcast in this streaming movie.

J-Hope in the box

Written by: Disney+

When BTS announced a break from the group’s activities, singer J-Hope apparently took the opportunity to open his way as a soloist, without leaving the group. This is the first documentary of a band member (without the band). The artist shows the process of creating his first solo album, “Jack in the Box”.

BTS Effects: Beyond the Star

Written by: Disney Plus

It is an upcoming BTS documentary series on Disney+. Possibly, like the rest of the band’s series on the catwalk, this collection shows an intimate look at the singers. According to the brand’s announcement, the film will feature images that reflect the success path of the musical group for 10 years.

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