WhatsApp wants to be the successor to the Yellow Pages for finding shops and professionals

Although most users The WhatsApp It is “simply”, the most used instant messaging application in Spain, Meta would like it to be much more than that.

[Con lo nuevo de WhatsApp no volverás a perderte los estados de usuarios con los que chateas]

WhatsApp’s ambitions to enter online commerce is no secret, taking advantage of the fact that there are already many businesses and professionals using the app to contact their clients directly. Now, you have taken the next step.

WhatsApp to buy and find professionals

The new function introduced today is a “guideline” for companies and professionals, which will be available to users who need services or buy something; The priority, at least for now, is Promote small business in our area Before the big roofs, which already have other ways to connect.

The idea makes sense and can be very useful. It’s very reminiscent of the Yellow Pages, in the sense that it’s a contact list divided by interests, like “shopping,” “restaurants,” or “arts and entertainment.” We have a search box that we can use to enter exactly what we’re looking for, or browse the directory directly.

New Business Directory on WhatsApp

Many small businesses use WhatsApp as a quick method of communication, because it is something that practically everyone has (at least in Spain), and it allows you to start a conversation quickly and easily. But starting that conversation is only the beginning, and WhatsApp has worked on the possibility Make payments through the appalthough so far it has only been able to implement it in India, one of its large markets.

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To this directory we must add another function, called Business Search, which is similar but slightly different. It will also allow us to find shops and professionals in a directory, but the difference is that we will not be able to contact them directly via WhatsApp; Instead of that, We’ll show us the phone numberWe can add them to our contacts to connect directly. In this way, WhatsApp intends to attract companies that do not want to make the leap to provide support through the application, but at the same time do not want to lose the potential customers that they attract.

These functions will first arrive in some countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom, and their launch in Spain is not yet confirmed; However, it shouldn’t take long given that Mark Zuckerberg himself announced the feature, demonstrating WhatsApp’s commitment to commerce as a source of revenue.

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