WhatsApp promises a new function to speed up any audio, as already done with voice notes

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WhatsApp is still the most used instant messaging app in the world so farWith more than 2000 million users, Meta app outperforms other important social networks like Facebook, Instagram and other similar services like Telegram.

The messaging leader constantly delivers to the community a series of changes or updates that seek to facilitate the experience, and some are better received than others, however, they all offer something to talk about.

One of the last functions that WhatsApp has built this year is the possibility for users to be able to adjust the speed at which voice notes are reproduced, a function that will have an interesting new addition..

Currently, the audio feedback acceleration function allows users to click the “1x” icon, this way the audio feedback playback speed will change to 1.5x or 2x (Twice the normal playback speed), with the ability to return to the original speed. however, The functionality is currently limited to voice memos, i.e. not all audio files received within the app and that is exactly what the messaging app seeks to modify.

file image.  |  Credit: Whatsapp
file image. | Credit: Whatsapp

WhatsApp will allow you to adjust the speed of any audio file

Nowadays, when we forward a voice memo or attach a song or other audio format, it will be sent as a generic audio file., that is, because it is not a voice memo as such, The function of changing playback speed is not available for this particular file.

however, After this last change, users of the app will be able to modify the playback speed of any audio file within WhatsApp.

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Although the number of voice notes is greater compared to the audio files we receive, it is very common for us to forward the voice notes, which appear in the new chat as a public audio file, well, now users who have a hurry or for any other reason will be able to Change how quickly these types of files play, a function that would be well received within the community.

currently, WhatsApp has only started offering this feature in beta versions of iOSHowever, it is expected that it will arrive later on the Android operating system to be finally available in the version of all devices containing the updated application.

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