Ontario and other Canadian provinces will be affected this week by inclement weather

Troubled days await Ontario as predicted in the weather forecast. Heavy sleet rain will appear in the county this week.

as told weather network, For this Tuesday, snowstorms are likely in the morning. However, these will be “less severe” than Monday’s patterns and will eventually turn into afternoon flashes.

“There is a concern that a band of snow will develop and intensify. Winds from the northwest may line up over Lake Superior and Lake Huron. This will allow a severe storm to form and move inland and affect the ice belts.” Jesse Opal, meteorologist for The Weather Network.

“These powerful lake-effect glacial eruptions are likely to cause 15 to 30 centimeters of accumulation.” Male opal.

As the wave of winter weather moves into the region, various parts of southern Ontario are subject to a snowstorm warning.

Specifically in the Greater Toronto Area, Environment Canada has issued a snowstorm warning for Newmarket, Georgina, North York, Uxbridge, Beaverton, and North Durham region.

As if that weren’t enough, there will be winds of around 60 km/h. In these areas, 5 to 10 centimeters of snow is expected. Meanwhile, north of the Greater Toronto Area can reach 25 cm.

Environment Canada warns that travel during this time can be dangerous. Motorists are advised to be careful on the roads and watch out for worsening visibility.

“Travel can be dangerous due to sudden changes in the weather. Prepare for rapidly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. If visibility is reduced while driving, slow down, and keep an eye on your taillights,” ECCC said in its winter weather travel advisory. and be prepared to stop.

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Other Canadian provinces will also suffer from the scourge of time

For Western Canada, the situation does not look very encouraging either because of the weather forecast. The impending storm that will bring heavy rain and snow, approaches a potential “atmospheric river” danger.

“Atmospheric rivers,” which are narrow collections of moisture that carry water vapor from the tropics, issue a warning for parts of British Columbia that could receive 25 to 30 cm of snow.

After a week of historic heavy rains that caused floods, landslides and killed at least four people in this area, they are now preparing for new risks with this natural phenomenon.

Canadian authorities are concerned that heavy rains expected in British Columbia in the coming hours will destroy dams and pumping stations due to last week’s rain, exacerbating flooding.

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