He will play in the Oklahoma City Thunder

After Facundo Campazzo, the only Argentine so far in the NBA, and waiting for what will happen with Leandro Bolmaro, who was selected in the last draft but still in Spain, Argentine basketball will have a second representative in the best league in the world: Gabrielle Dick.

TortugaThe current Real Madrid player and runner-up of the World Cup China 2019 with the Argentine national team will sign for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the next few hours, according to reporters. Chima de Lucas And Emiliano Garcia, And they are two men with the most access to information about this specialization in Europe in general and Spain in particular.

To get to America, Dick Payment of termination clause This will allow you to separate White House: Two million dollars He would have to take it out of his pocket, much less than the six that Campazzo had to throw out to go to the Denver Nuggets.

Gabriel was transient The last year of the decade In the Spanish club where he was accused Of the lowest wages, Although Madrid had the option to renew it for two more seasons at the end of this link.

Dick and his representative were clear that the near future made him stand a chance in the best league in the world, which was derived from the decision the player made last year, He was offered the riyal renewal With salary improvement which also means implicitly An increase in the value of the condition: rejected by the basketball player.

On Thursday afternoon in Argentina, Dick was part of Real Madrid’s victory Fenerbahce (93-67) for the Euroleague, the match that secured a ticket for the team in the qualifiers, and was, as has been the custom for some time, a great character: he scored 19 points (5-7 in doubles and 3-7 on triples), 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steals.

News surprises To check From his arrival at North American basketball, where the player will travel This friday For the United States to make a deal For three seasonsBut the environment Olftia Specific probability of this happening.

Is that, at 26 years oldThe 1.98m forward or striker is only in a moment of maturity and in only three seasons, without a previous move for another European club (he came to Madrid directly from San Lorenzo, where he played after departure. Quimsa), He made a name for himself in the best FIBA ‚Äč‚Äčteam in the world.

Without going any further, he made it to the Spanish club at just 23 years old and The headline was spot on. Since then, he showed Outright growth Every season. In the Spanish League ACB He went from an average of 4.2 points in his first year to his best number of 10 per game this season, a number that accompanies him with 4 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 0.6 shots.

Meanwhile, in the Euroleague, he has an average score of 8.8 per match, 3.7 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 0.7 rebounds in an average of 24 minutes.

I’m making progress in almost all areasAnd raising his success rate in free training and encouraging himself to expand the range of shooting, doubling the number of three attempts from his first season to this season he plays.

and has Argentine defense gene: Intensity, sacrifice, and above all a utter lack of fear and fear.

Sergio Hernandez did not hesitate to send him to defend one of the best players in the world like Kevin Durant in a friendly match with the national team. Pablo LassoThe Madrid coach assigned him another pointing mission broke down With the NBA in the past Nikola Mirotic In Classic Against Barcelona (It was a dick shape).

Colleagues and coaches Defining it as “the subconscious”. They claim that, when you walk out onto the court, it is just so Stripped of contexts, Which frees him and allows him to play his best performance, be it in a pre-season match or in a world final (against Spain in China, despite the defeat, He was the Argentine goal-scorer With a score of 24 points).

He’s the kid Kobe Bryant missed for his sweetheart Los Angeles Lakers. He’s the kid who cleaned buses and worked in the alfalfa fields. He is the kid who will go to the NBA and he will continue to choose a meal in Colonia Dora with the family before anything else.

It is Gabriel Deak, the new man from Oklahoma City, the new Argentine in the best basketball in the world.

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