WhatsApp improves polls and file sending

WhatsApp updates its app to improve polls and file forwarding functionality. (WhatsApp)

New update for The WhatsApp It includes improvements to surveys and forwarding of multimedia messages such as photos and documents.

It brings functions such as creating files Surveys Where you can answer only once, because until the previous version of this function, any user could delete his vote and change it to another as many times as he wanted at any time.

Usually, to create a file reconnaissance You have to go into a conversation, click on the attached file icon that has the shape of a clip and then select the “Poll” option. This will redirect the user to a screen where input fields can be completed. Ask and answer options.

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The update adds a new field “Allow multiple the answersIn order for the poll to be closed to only one vote per person within the chat group in which it was created, this option must be deactivated before the poll can be sent. message.

WhatsApp updates its app to improve polls and file forwarding functionality. (WhatsApp)

As a new job detail SurveysUsers will only be able to search for polls that are included in some of their conversations or chat groups.

All you have to do to access is enter a file to request Click on the search icon at the top right of the screen. Under the categories of available content, you will be able to see the option “Surveys”.

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By clicking on any of the results, users will be redirected to that specific message instead of searching for the words included in the message, which can be inconvenient due to the mixed results.

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On the other hand, users will be able to access a number of sounds Carried out in a survey via notification. Every time one is released, the person who organizes it will receive a notification about it cell phone Where you can see the total number of people who voted, although it won’t indicate exactly who is missing out. This can only be verified by conversation.

Although referral Messages With photos or documents that could already be done in previous versions of the app, users will now be able to add files comments to these files before pressing the send button.

This will only be possible if the file that is part of a conversation He already has a comment in his original version.

WhatsApp updates its app to improve polls and file forwarding functionality. (WhatsApp)
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In addition, the new version of the file will allow adding files the pictures And even videos as part of the forwarded message.

The new version of the file will allow adding new and even photos videos As part of the forwarded message. This functionality is not limited to a file type, so it can be an image, a video, or a file document.

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