I’ve watched Sonic Frontiers gameplay 6 times and there’s still one thing I don’t understand

Sonic Frontiers appears in the same year 2022, and what I’ve seen at the moment hasn’t finished convincing me. You’ll tell me seeing Sonic in the open world is really worth it, and you’re absolutely right, but was Sonic Team ready to take that important step?

I saw them 7 minutes of playing the new vocal boundaries Already on several occasions, analyzing his drawings, representing the world, what sense he could have within the world of Sega’s hedgehog… the more I thought about him, the more doubts that this could go well. Basically, the famous blue letter indicates an approach open worldWith its unmistakable speed, unique springboard, plus amazing boosters and rails.

All in an environment full of nature, with slow music rhythm and the sound of plants in the purest style. Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The terrain seems to have no limits as the protagonist runs through it at full speed, crossing meadows, forests, rivers and mountains. I cannot hide that it is an absolute pleasure to watch how it goes from place to place, sometimes leaving wonderful visual imprints. But others…no. Other times I feel like platforms and rubble are stuck to it realistic landscape, but also without personality. It’s a strange fusion There are those who acted comically in this picture. The core of Sonic doesn’t suit me, or at least I don’t fully absorb it. It may be very new and shock me, because the gameplay is not the ultimate quality, but it may also be that this is not going well.

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Sonic is finally in the open world

The Sonic team has been exploring the possibility of creating a new video game for the popular mascot since the game’s erratic coronation sonic force. In other words, this project was to run for about five years. The difference in relation to other games will be that you wanted this time Do something that symbolizes the future of excellence. In the same way that Sonic the Hedgehog paved the way for 2D titles and sonic adventure Those of the 3D versions, they wanted to be there pioneer delivery That will determine the future of the next two decades.

The result is an open world Sonic game that has quite a number of talents. First of all, it is supervised by Takashi Izuka, which has been working on licensing for nearly 30 years. We also have Morio Kishimotowho was the director of such emblematic titles as sonic colors. We also have Sachiko Kawamuraresponsible for the art sonic generations. Moreover, we have Ian Flynn As a screenwriter, he became famous because of the Hedgehog comics, so he has some experience. Especially the composer Tomoya Ohtani and John Sinui، that most fans will know is the lead guitarist for Crush 40, with an unmistakable voice and that Made things like this possible.

You will say that with this panorama everything prepares you, and you are right. I myself think there is a good team behind it. However, looking at something too ambitious and not doing it with the necessary resources can be problematic. This is exactly what I thought when I saw this gameplay: layers of evolution. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the bang is massive: even platforms appear out of nowhere. Then Sonic was not sufficiently integrated with the stage: his animation seems incomplete and there are not enough effects to represent his passage through the stage.

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I see a realistic stage with classic sound elements affixed to itI hope I’m wrong, but there are things that don’t quite convince me. At the moment, what I see is a realistic scenario in which a copy and paste of the classic elements of the Sonic series have been made. In this way, the player is not obligated to make the usual path from point A to point B, but has to do so The freedom to play each section at your own pace, because this is an open world. My question is whether the playable stream(s), which is so important in this privilege, can be maintained under this scheme. I see it hard, and my feeling is that the gameplay is never ending curdling. sorry forced.

Sonic Frontiers PS5

Perhaps he explains everything with an argument. We know we’re playing in Starfall IslandsWhich is characterized by forests, deserts, monuments, tall waterfalls, etc. The versatility of the landscape delivers what seems to bring us back as a villain back to Dr. Eggman, although there are not many details. according to one piece of information (later denied by Sega) The plot is based on the discovery of ancient technology, which has been manipulated by Sonic’s archenemy through advanced artificial intelligence. It sounds rather complicated, but it justifies the “realism” of the world seen in this demo.

While more details are confirmed, all I have to say is that I hope I eat my word and that Sonic Frontiers is the video game we all want. I don’t think the game will change much from this show (this game shows itself 2022), but it certainly didn’t show us everything we needed to see. In any case, seeing Sonic in the open world is always something worthwhile, so we’ll have to wait.

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