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The WhatsApp It is an essential service for everyone today. If the app crashes, it’s been disconnected from the community since then It is a semi-basic way to exchange messages. For this reason, since it is so important to the world, it improves its version day by day. In this way, you can provide a better service to the users.

In the past year, the messaging app has updated the playback speed of voice messages. The platform allows listening to “normal” audio, 50 percent faster (1.5 times) or twice as fast (2x).

But to continue to surprise users, The WhatsApp-will-launch-a-Emergency-function-to-Prevention-its-users-from-being-hacked – 20220121-0055.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp Wants to continue to improve the acoustics function, because this new function is one of the most requested by users. 2.5 billion of the application users all over the world. That is why, with only two new buttons, it will be possible Pause and resume voice memos.

The update is in testing, but what the app basically wants to do is be able to pause an audio message and listen to that part and continue, delete or send the recording.

People will be able to listen to your recording as much as they want without sending it. that by saying, You can pause the sound and hear how it sounds. Then, if they wanted to continue recording, they would have a choice.”CV”, which will allow you to continue speaking in the voice note and ultimately send it to the recipient.

At the moment, this update is only available on iPhones running iOS. Users are eagerly waiting for the app to allow this functionality for Android phones as soon as possible.

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This new update will be in audios The WhatsApp

WaBetaInfo, the site specialized in The WhatsApp He said: “As you can see from this screenshot, there is a new pause button that allows you to pause the voice memo. In this case, you can listen to the voice memo before sending it, delete the voice memo, or you can resume recording.”

What is more, Soon the app will also allow you to listen to audios that are redirected at different speedsAccording to the specialized portal. As they reported Each time the user starts listening to a voice, they will be able to enter another conversation and continue listening to the voice memo without interruption. Specifically when someone listens to a voice outside the chat, The WhatsApp It will show you a new interface where you can pause, resume, dismiss the voice memo and a progress bar.

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“Unfortunately, this is another feature in development so it’s not ready at the moment. The global voice memos player will be released to beta testers when it’s ready at a later time, so be sure to keep an eye on the next check-ins!” Changes to see when The WhatsApp The feature is being rolled out in a new update. “

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