WhatsApp application, phone numbers on Google, and the privacy controversy has resumed Chronicle

Thousands of users’ phone numbers The WhatsApp The web Posted this week on Google by mistake, after only a few months, The WhatsApp He suffered another similar failure with the same consequences.

Technology portal Andro4all Post who’s the one who caught this crude bug: Rajshekhar RajahariaAnd, he is a cybersecurity researcher who shared his findings on Twitter.

Apparently and as this specialist describes, Google indexes in its search engine the phone numbers of users The WhatsApp The web, Making it accessible to anyone with a simple web search.

If you are using The WhatsApp The webAgain, your mobile phone number and messages are indexed by Google. I do not know why The WhatsApp You haven’t monitored your website and Google yetThe expert said in their networks.

In addition, the instant messaging app experienced a similar incident related to the Click to chat functionality during 2020, which was subsequently resolved, according to Andro4all.

For this part, The WhatsApp It indicated that it uses automated help files that prevent Google from indexing it data. Though, data They filtered the same.

Several users have already migrated the instant messaging app to other platforms like Telegram oh signal, distance The WhatsApp It published its new security policies, which generated much controversy.

WhatsApp has published notices in the newspapers about its privacy policy

Anxiety among those who have it The WhatsApp After he announced that he will participate The data is with FacebookWhether or not the user wanted it, the messaging service took unexpected actions to convince the public that its new policies did not put anyone’s privacy at risk.

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As I mentioned before Indian TV channel NDTVAnd the The WhatsApp A full-page advertisement was published in the print edition of many of the major newspapers in the country. Under the titleThe WhatsApp It respects and protects your privacy., The company lists its terms and highlights what’s still saved.

“We want to make it clear that the policy update does not in any way affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family. Instead, this update includes changes to company messages in The WhatsApp, Which is optional, and provides greater transparency about how it is collected and used data, Refers to the text.

In 2020, 300,000 phone numbers were published

Athul JayaramLast year, a cybersecurity researcher and “bug hunters” began tracking the domain through Google and discovered that a total of 300,000 numbers The WhatsApp It was published on Google for anyone.

Jayaram immediately notified Facebook – the owner of WhatsApp – of his discovery account, and WhatsApp unexpectedly rejected his request due to WhatsApp users have full control over the information attached to their profile that is made available to the public..

According to a spokesperson for the app: “While we appreciated this researcher’s report and appreciated the time it took to share it with us, he was not eligible for a reward, because it simply contained a search engine index for the URLs that his users use. The WhatsApp They choose to advertise to the audience. All users The WhatsAppListed companies can block unwanted messages with a click of a button..

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