WhatsApp: 2 ingenious tricks to send a message without typing

Today, WhatsApp has become a vital tool for interpersonal communication. The vast majority of people in our community have an app that allows us to connect with acquaintances and strangers even when we don’t have cell phone credit, but simply Wi-Fi.

Instant messaging has been in dire need during the pandemic to keep us informed of the well-being of our loved ones, and even to carry out remote work tasks.

This application can also be used from a computer, and it has more functions than we know. In addition, it is constantly updated to provide better quality service to its users and to continue to dominate its competitors.

The daily whirlwind often leads us to send the recipient a voice message instead of the traditional text, but not everyone feels comfortable with this method.

In this sense, there is an unknown and really very useful intermediate function. It is a voice dictation, with which we can translate anything we say into text.

Activating this mode is very simple and can be done within the app itself. To do this, you have to access the configuration of the Google Gboard keyboard that already comes in most mobile devices.

Users who do not have it will be able to download it from Google Play or the App Store. And from any WhatsApp chat you can use the function, by clicking on the microphone icon located inside the keyboard.

Those who do not see it can activate it by entering the settings icon in the form of a nut, where there is a voice dictation option, if your cell phone model allows it.

Another way to do this is with the Google Assistant. WhatsApp users will be able to send a message without having to open the instant messaging app. For this they have three options.

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One is to say “Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message” and if the function is activated, the assistant will ask for the connection and their phone number if there is more than one and the text content.

With “Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message to (contact name)”, the assistant will only ask to indicate the content of the message.

And finally with “Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message to (contact) as well as (message)”: with this last option, the previous steps will be saved and the direct message will be sent

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