Temperature record in Spain and maximum alert for the risk of fire

Severe wave of hot Spain will remain strong this Sunday, with five regions on high alert for extreme temperatures, and another six in orange.

Although the pressure has already decreased in part of the peninsula, today it may exceed 45 degrees again in some parts of the Guadalquivir Valley, according to Del Campo, who considers this heat wave “because of the temperatures it has reached, You are probably among one of the toughest who ever lived in Spain.”

Likewise, the combination of extreme heat and the notable ingress of airborne dust has also created hazards fires In Spain, which keeps almost its entire territory on high alert.

Currently, the fires announced in Azuébar, a municipality within the Valencian community, whose neighbors were forced as a precaution on Saturday night, are causing concern.

Twelve aircraft, including planes and helicopters, according to the regional government, have joined the battle to extinguish the fire threatening part of the Sierra de Espadan Natural Park.

Another fire is still out of control in the vicinity of Navalcruz, Avila County, where many towns had to be evacuated preemptively.

Between 2011 and 2020, Spain recorded twice as many heat waves as in the previous three decades, according to Aemet.

Scientists consider it an unequivocal effect of global warming and estimate that this type of heat wave will multiply and intensify in the future.


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