What is your current health condition?

he Pope Franciscol 87 years oldToday, Saturday, he confirmed that he is experiencing a condition Bronchitis When speaking briefly during an event Vaticanin which I couldn't read his words because of the cough.

“Thank you all, I have prepared a letter but I can't read it because of bronchitis“, the Argentine Pope declared when he opened the country's judicial year Holy SeeAccording to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

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Last Wednesday, he suffers from A Minor flu symptoms, Francisco He had to go to A Rome Hospital To submit to Control exams. That morning he celebrated his birthday General public in the Vaticanbut He did not read his script.

the pope He had canceled his scheduled appointments last SaturdayAnd on Mondays as well, even if he prays between them Angelus Sunday. Next Saturday, he is scheduled to receive the German Prime Minister. Olaf Schulz.

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Franciscoin which he moves Wheel chairhe had a series of Health problems In recent years, especially in Kneesthe Features And the Colon. It was too Abdominal surgery in JuneAnd in December he had to do it Cancel your trip to Dubai to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).the major annual climate event it organizes United nationsbecause of Bronchitis.

Pope Francis calls on the state to exercise the “role of redistribution and social justice”

he Pope Francisco Send a message to the judges Argentina And starred in a new crossing with Government of Javier Miley Considering that the role For the state In the “redistribution And Social Justice” It is “more important than ever.”

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The video was sent to Buenos Aires headquarters Inter-American Committee of Judges for Social Rights and the Franciscan Doctrine (COPAGO)But it also means analyzing society and the role of the state.

“Social rights are not free. The wealth needed to support them is available, but they require appropriate, rational and fair political decisions. The state, today more important than ever, is called upon to play this central role of redistribution and social justice.“, began the Supreme Pontiff in his introduction.

The Pope noted through a video, “We live in a time of great injustice, where there are an increasingly small number of rich and powerful, and millions of poor people are deprived and neglected. Social rights are not free, and the wealth necessary to support them is available, but they require appropriate political decisions.” The state, which is more important today than ever before, is called upon to exercise the role of redistribution and social justice. The rules, dear judges, are already dictated. They rule. The problem is its effective validity and concreteness. This is where your role begins.”

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