What is the Windows key on your computer? Find out in this guide about tricks and secrets

key windowswhich was launched in 1994 and was originally intended as an open start menu for the revolutionary Windows 95is one of the secret weapons and with more functions of the operating system created by Microsoft.

Is that strange key This is in all consoles for computers, serves Access and execute a series of private functionssome of which are very useful and largely unknown to a large number of users.

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Also, with the launch of the new version Windows 11 operating systemthe company that created it Bill Gates Many update key combinations to adapt them to this new operating system.

All the secrets of the wonderful Windows key. (Image: Microsoft).

The release of the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship software is an excellent excuse Review these shortcuts and discover what’s new Which hide key combinations which, we are sure it will It will make it easier to work on the computer.

New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

  • Windows key + W: Open the dashboard widget windows. There you can find widget From weatherTraffic status, news, calendar and much more.
  • Windows key + A: Open the quick settings panel, where you will find the options for Sound, WiFi, bluetoothand brightness and focus assist, among others.
  • Windows key + N: Open the Notifications and Calendar panel.

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  • Windows key + Z: Opens the Snap group panel, templates for organizing multiple tasks and application windows.
  • Windows key + C: Open the Microsoft Teams chat app from the taskbar. With this shortcut, you can quickly select a conversation from Difference.
  • Windows key + up arrow: Places the active window in the upper half of the screen.
  • Windows key + down arrow: Places the active window in the lower half of the screen.
  • Windows key + K: Open the Connect to other devices panel to take what’s happening on your computer to another screen.
  • Windows key + H: Open the dictation tool to convert from speech to text.
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The mysterious Windows key opens up a host of options that improve your work on your PC.  (image: Adobe Stock)
The mysterious Windows key opens up a host of options that improve your work on your PC. (image: Adobe Stock)for: (image: Adobe Stock)

Other keyboard shortcuts including the Windows key

These shortcuts are not new but are still very useful:

  • Windows Key + Q or Windows + S: Open the search engine from the start menu.
  • Windows key + I: Open the Windows 11 Settings panel.
  • Windows key + X: Opens the context menu for the start button.
  • Windows key + E: Launch File Explorer.

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