Luka Kumahara, player at the table, male to life | The story of the table tennis player who won the gold medal at the South American Games

The name of Caroline Kumahara appears in her document, but for some time she began to express herself on social networks and contacted the people closest to her, athletes, the Table Tennis Federation and the Brazilian Olympic Committee to announce herself. The name he chose to be called and identified by the way he sees himself, Luka Kumhara.

In a conversation with page 12, Kumhara spoke about his feelings during Asuncion 2022 and his happiness with the treatment he received from those around him: “I was worried because I was in the process of adapting. He already had contact with the Table Tennis Association but he doesn’t know how he will be dealt with by the committee. I was surprised when they gave me the credentials. That moment always made me uncomfortable, but I was so happy when they handed me the credential. And call me Luca.

in September The Brazilian Table Tennis Federation welcomed its new identity This, for now, would just be social recognition. Kumahara will not perform any kind of hormonal shift or alter official documents Regarding her gender identity, she will continue to compete with the women’s team for the time being and for the purpose of kicking off the next Olympic Games in Paris.

Referring to this, the table tennis player commented: “A week ago I asked for RG, an ID that is illegal or valid in other countries, but I did it to get a document like Luca Kumahara. It is a very positive thing so that I can make the change in the official system.”

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In Asuncion 2022 he won the gold medal in the singles mode By defeating Argentine Camila Arguelles, she was one of the greatest personalities in the competition. Regarding his achievement, Kumhara emphasized in the mixed zone: “It was not an easy tournament, I knew I was the favorite. There were very strong players like Camila (Argueles) who serve well and attack well and it is difficult to maintain focus all the time. Between half Final and final, I had quite a bit of time and thought more about getting my body back.”

The Brazilian also spoke about the treatment he received at South American Games: “I would like to thank all the love and support I have received. It’s no small thing, it’s a very important thing to me, the name change, the gender transition, and the public release was a very important step personally and I didn’t know the impact on a professional level. I was curious to know what they would call me and from day one they called me Luca. From the start everyone was flawless with me, which made me play better because he was less anxious.”

On his way to Paris

Luca will compete in Paris as part of the women’s team, if he qualifies. In September in an interview with the series balloon She has announced that she still has many goals to achieve with the Brazilian women’s team. Kumahara has the idea for hormone therapy, but he doesn’t know when. For him, the transition occurs from the moment of his announcement. When people know that it is not necessary to undergo any procedure in order for the transmission to occur, Table tennis player assured.

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For his part, The Executive Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has agreed to establish a working group to prepare a policy on the participation of transgender athletes. Inclusion of the Commissioner for Gender, Sports, Science and Medicine Committee of the ITTF.

The entity was open to changing Luca’s identity by requesting that it be modified in the organization’s database.

“We have to see how we solve the issue of accreditation at the Games because the Brazilian Olympic Committee does not depend on the ITTF and is very bureaucratic and strict. Presenting the Pan American Games 2023, Kumahara said he would be very pleased if it happened, but I don’t know if it would.

Luka Kumahara had a great experience in Asuncion 2022. He won the gold and was recognized the way he always wanted and felt. From now on, he will continue his path of struggle for his sexual identity, but it feels good to announce it publicly and support everyone around him. “The Olympic Committee was well prepared, and everyone treated me like a man I was very relaxed and comfortable. This made me play better because when you are good on a personal level, you play better. I am very happy not only for myself but for the position that everyone has with me,” Luca admitted on the day he won more than one medal from South America.

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