What is the Mars theory and what does science say about it?

What is the March theory and what does science say about it (archive)

with arrival springarise different hypothesis Regarding the question love and the Personal relationshipsAs it is said in popular culture that it is one of the best stages for meeting new people or starting a new relationship because of the conditions favored by spring; However, not everything is positive with the arrival of this season.

In recent days, allegedly theory Who would argue the reasons why he is in He walks Usually husbands end your relationship or cases betrayalwhich led to the creation of march theoryWhich is starting to gain traction on various social media platforms.

The various stories shared on Twitter and Tik Tok – and on other social networks – about how they ended their relationship with their partner in March, made people believe in this theory and confirm that it exists.

The March theory says that people are more likely to break up in their romantic relationship (Getty Images)

According to the testimonies of netizens, they say that as soon as March begins – the third month of the year – couples who were in a previously stable relationship They started having problems And they can’t work it out, so they finally break up despite the formalities they’ve had for months or the time they were dating.

Another factor that fuels this theory is betrayal; Different stories shared that the common factor in the reason their relationship ended was due to infidelity and cheating, i.e. one of the two people who were in the relationship was cheating on the other, so when they found out they ended up with him – the bond despite the time of your love bond.

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March theory ensures that during this month, especially from Spring equinoxCouples are more likely to break up with their current boyfriend or girlfriend, so during the third month of the year, couples need to watch out for problems or cheating.

Mars Theory Does Exist According to a Psychological Study (Freepik)

Although most of the viral accounts in the networks confirmed this The march theory existsOthers wondered about the chain of coincidences that emerged from experiences shared on social networks.

However, a psychological study confirmed that it is more likely that relationships will end in March, but there will be factors that will determine this situation, not only because of the month of the year, but conditions such as the weather that will cause psychological changes.

according to University of Washington, made a Stady In different pairs to check probability that in He walks end your relationship; After several months of observation, the study found that March overtook December as the month when people ended their courtship.

People tend to socialize more during the spring so they are more likely to be unfaithful (Photo: GQ Mexico)

at least 430 people break in Decemberwhile In March 530 they ended their affair. According to psychological research, this data was given as a result of the effect of spring, which causes a change in social behavior.

the weather conditions Which causes spring after winter causes some people to increase their level serotonin And melatonin levels decrease, so there is more interaction with new people.

that it People tend to socialize more during this springso that they can also be in the interaction with meeting new people Sabers with your partner and cause a love break. It should be noted that the increase in levels serotonin It also causes an increase in safety than himself, so there is a greater possibility of him being unfaithful.

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