What is the best test to know the exact speed of your internet connection

Speed ​​tests help to find out the true state of the Internet connection at home.

Internet speed, especially in the midst of the blockade that some countries in the region are currently experiencing, is an issue that everyone has to worry about. During the time that the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, technology has become crucial to the normal development of work or educational activities for a large part of the world’s population, so Having perfect communication will ensure compliance with each of the obligations that go along with each one.

However, even if you run to hire a good internet service thinking that what the operator promised is what you will really see on your connection, in most cases these numbers are not met. It must be remembered that the megabytes promised in your Internet plan are based on data obtained in perfectly controlled places, so that they can be realized or reduced in real time, taking into account the people connected to the same network, the general traffic that manages the operator in the site Specific geography, among other technical concepts.

Given this reality, it is necessary to take advantage of a speed test in which the fluctuations in your internet speed are analyzed day by day and thus whether your connection is in fact in line with what the company promised. hired or on the contrary Speed ​​levels are so low that you are entitled to complain.

But with a lot of options What is the best network speed test and which one do you trust? Of course, there may be specific needs for each person, so the following options aren’t exactly what you should use, although it’s certainly a good option to see firsthand how fast you have it in your home:

Fast.com is a speed test developed by Netflix.  take photo
Fast.com is a speed test developed by Netflix. take photo

Fast.com is one of the first options that appear when searching for “speed tests” on the web. Its simple interface makes it one of the most referenced tests on a daily basis Hundreds of thousands of people want to know the exact speed of their internet connection.

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In addition, the fact that it is owned by Netflix gives it an interesting advantage, because by relying its speed analysis on itself Fast and powerful enough to display platform content flow as accurately as possible And with an optimal load, it gives the user the security through which he will be able to perform basic, intermediate and even advanced tasks on the Internet.

A telecom operator tests mobile internet speed using a 5G pilot network in Santiago, Chile.  March 19, 2021. (Reuters) / Ivan Alvarado
A telecom operator tests mobile internet speed using a 5G pilot network in Santiago, Chile. March 19, 2021. (Reuters) / Ivan Alvarado

If it is not the most used speed test by Internet users on the network, it is certainly very close to being. Just by looking at its interface, anyone who has tested their internet in the past will know which platform they are talking about; It is the results that it provides SpeedTest in Ookla It is so accurate and detailed that even the most unsuspecting of people will be able to know and understand the current status of their network connection at a glance.

Among the most important data it returns is your upload and download speed, as well as network latency, It also has apps for both Android and iOS, so you can know the internet speed of almost all the devices in the house.

Speed ​​test sponsored by Google.  take photo
Speed ​​test sponsored by Google. take photo

The Measurement Lab test was created by a group of computer scientists with the support of Google, so it is not uncommon that when you consult a “speed test” in said search engine, this is the first option that appears. However, this “privilege” does not mean that M-Lab can be considered bad: the fact that the parent company is Google does not make it ineffective, on the contrary, It’s one of the best tests out there right now on the net

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To start it, simply click on the blue “RUN SPEED TEST” button to be able to observe, in a matter of seconds, Base speeds (upload, download, response time). Also, one of the great advantages of M-Lab is that the only data that is shared with Google is your IP address, making it one of the most secure tests out there today on the web.

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