What does gymnast Nadia Comunisi do now?

On the Romanian gymnastics team that competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics was a 14-year-old girl named Nadia Comăneci, who, according to the official Olympic website, was feared by Soviet competitors for her performance in Europe. previous year’s competitions.

No one has arrived at that point 10 perfecta qualification never achieved by a gymnast on the uneven bars and that was the beginning of a career that filled her personal shelves with numerous awards and certificates of appreciation.

He grew up in Onesti, a city in the Bacau region, in Romania He was trained by Bella and Martha Karolyi who trained Roman team sports club And that they saw the spins that Comonesi was doing in the schoolyard when he was only six years old.

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The gymnast repeated Montreal’s triumph in the competitions that followed, winning a total of nine medals: five gold, three silver and one bronze.

These victories marked the beginning of the importance of this sport in countries other than Eastern European countries, as its athletes have always excelled in all kinds of competitions, such as Mary Lou Retton, the American who stood out by winning the title. gold medal Singles at the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles.

The last Olympic Games in which he participated were those that took place in Moscow in 1980. She was 22 years old, but at such a young age she had already suffered some injuries such as an infection in her hand and was persecuted by the socialist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu and forced to maintain a love affair with his son, giving him legitimacy to the regime.

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He was able to separate from this relationship when he turned 20, and later retire permanently from the sport in 1984, as indicated by the “El Debate” portal.

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What did Comneci do after retirement?

According to ‘El Debate’, from 1984 to 1989, the date Ceaucescu’s regime fell, the gymnast became part of Romanian Gymnastics Federation Coaching young gymnasts to later flee his country and settle in the United States.

On American soil, he devoted himself to advertising gymnastics equipment, clothing and underwear. In 1994, she married fellow American athlete Bart Conner.

Currently, Nadia is still associated with the world of gymnastics in the ‘Connor Academy’ which she owns and at the same time owns some sports equipment stores and ‘International Gymnastics Magazine’.

Likewise, she is involved in many charitable works such as establishing a hospital for orphaned children in her home country Romania, honorary president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, honorary president of the Romanian Olympic Committee and a member of the International Federation of Gymnastics Foundation as reviewed by the official portal of the gymnastics department Olympic Games.

“When I was Olympic champion in Montreal, I didn’t know the word ‘sponsor,'” she wondered. “Now that I know it exists, why don’t I?” Their act of solidarity is “not a responsibility”, but “an obligation to give something back to society”, which corresponds to “all athletes who have achieved something important in their careers”, as reported by the sports portal “Marca”.


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