What crimes is Pedro Sanchez's brother accused of?

David Azagra, brother of Pedro Sanchez Pérez Castejon (YouTube / Orchestra Without Borders)

Pedro Sánchez faces a new investigation into his family environment after the Manos Medicas union filed another complaint, this time against his brother. The court of Badajoz placed his brother, David Sanchez, known professionally as David Azagra, current head of the Performing Arts Office of the Badajoz Provincial Council. It covers the alleged investigation Crimes of embezzlement, evasion and abuse of influence.

next to, Miguel Angel GallardoThe head of the Performing Arts Office of the Badajoz Provincial Council is also being investigated. The crimes charged include acts against the public administration and the public treasury.

Judge Beatrice Biedma made this decision after receiving the complaint from Clean Hands against her David Sanchez, Miguel Angel Gallardo and Alejandro CardenalHead of the Legal Support and Inspection Department in the Human Resources District of the Provincial Council. The court has already communicated its decision and ordered the taking of evidence, including a review of contracts.

Clean Hands confirms that David Sanchez was selected in the 2017 public call, from among eleven candidates, to meet the requirements for the position. But the union asserts that Sanchez did not carry out his duties, claiming that he received them Salary without doing his job. He is accused of conducting the Badajoz Conservatory of Music orchestra only once, in January 2019, during his seven years in office.

The union also notes that David Sanchez rarely attends its meetings Position in the delegation And you do not have permission to work remotely. In addition, they point out that he resides in Elvas, Portugal, where the investigated businessman, Victor de Aldama, is linked to the mask-purchasing conspiracy known as Koldo case He has a job. Likewise, Sanchez's assets are in doubt, estimated at €2 million, compared to an annual salary of €55,000.

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The Socialist Workers Party stressed that Justice does not trust the Manos Medicas union, describing it as… Far right Pointing out that he must adhere to all procedural procedures and deposit a bond 10,000 euros. According to the Socialists, the Investigative Court No. 3 of Badajoz began preliminary proceedings without charging David Sanchez with specific violations. The court requested reports from the departments to clarify the accusations, hoping to prove the integrity of Sanchez and the administration.

In 2017, he was elected David Sanchez He had already been questioned before United we can. Álvaro Géán, Secretary General of Podemos Extremadura, highlighted possible irregularities in the selection process, claiming that the position was created without a formal court and that the requirements were minimal. Selection was based almost exclusively on a personal interview.

Podemos requested official information about the creation of the position and the selection of candidates, including minutes of court sessions and evaluation of candidates. They also requested clarification on the necessity of creating the position and the reasons for granting it to David Sanchez. As the investigation progresses, authorities continue to collect evidence and testimony. David Sanchez and those involved hope to clarify the facts and determine whether there were wrongdoing in their actions.

Pedro Sánchez appears with Begoña Gómez at a PSOE campaign event.

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