The longest quarantine in the world was not in Buenos Aires and it just ended

The exit from quarantine in the Australian city began at midnight, After six isolation hypotheses began in March 2020 They ended up being a kind of tunnel with no light in sight.

The expected end to the restrictions was announced last Sunday by the Premier of Victoria (and its capital, Melbourne), Daniel Andrews, when The city achieved a target of 70% of the population being fully vaccinated.

89% of residents have received at least one dose, compared to 65% in the rest of the state, where restrictive measures are still in place.

New freedoms will be granted in November, when those vaccinated with two injections are expected to be 80%.

“Today is a day when Victorians can be proud of what they have done,” Andrews said shortly before the quarantine ended.

How was the quarantine in Melbourne

In the city of nearly five million people, there is no longer a nightly curfew and no longer a need to display any of the six coded reasons to be able to leave the house.

You can also visit the homes of relatives or friends in groups of up to ten people, reopen non-essential businesses, hair salons and beauty salons where income is controlled by the amount.

Students can return to school in person, even if it is part-time, and it will be possible to meet up to 15 people outdoors.

Bars, restaurants and other places will be able to house 20 fully vaccinated people indoors and 50 outside: this same rule is valid for weddings and funerals.

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For travel, it will be possible to travel within a 15-kilometre radius of home but travel through the rest of Victoria will not yet be permitted.

In the last hours, the Australian state recorded a total of 1,838 new cases, bringing the number of patients still infected with the disease to 23,376.

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