“We want to strengthen and claim the system of public science and innovation as a fundamental pillar of our welfare state.” [Prensa/Actualidad/Ciencia e Innovación]

In this sense, Morant stated that the Ministry of Science and Innovation is publishing the measures of the new Science, Technology and Innovation Act to honor the working conditions of research personnel, who have been treated as trainee workers in our country, and to accelerate innovation. In Spain.

In Madrid, the Minister participated in the presentation of the Converge Open Innovation Center of the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), a new meeting space between researchers, companies and social agents aimed at strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Spain.

This initiative is in line with the new Science, Technology and Innovation Law and is part of the Ministry of Science and Innovation’s Transfer and Cooperation Plan strategy, which was awarded €1,200 million in 2023.

Morant indicated during his speech that this plan contains a package of major measures to increase the economic and social impact of public investment in research and to enhance the innovative capacity of Spanish companies.

The Minister also noted that the Government of Spain has agreed to the largest public offer of employment in the last 15 years. For this reason, last year the Ministry of Science and Innovation created 4,146 new access and stability positions for research and technical staff in Public Research Organizations (OPIS) and deployed 924 internal promotion positions in these centres.

CSIC brings together the vast majority of these stable job opportunities. Specifically, it focuses 81% of new positions and approximately 78% of those positions for internal promotion.

Converge innovation center opened

The Converge Open Innovation Center aims to strengthen CSIC’s collaboration with the innovation ecosystem and thus find solutions to global challenges in biotechnology, new materials, food science, and plant varieties, among others.

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Programs nurturing this new space for innovation initially focus on developing public-private collaboration projects, promoting entrepreneurship and innovative public procurement.

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