Viral: Reveal a military secret to fall asleep in two minutes

Everyday stresses, responsibilities, various triggers of digital life, and even complications Coronavirus pandemic It can cause serious inconvenience to reconcile Dream At night. Now, it gets viral Military secret That promises to provide a solution to this situation.

The A trick used by the US military It was originally revealed in the book Relax and Win: Perform the tournamentWritten by Sports Coach Lloyd C. Winter In 1981. Since they often have to sleep in the open air and on the battlefield, if the soldier is able to rest thanks to this technology, the civilian will have no problem.

People said that It works for 96% of people who use it after six weeks of practice. what is he talking about? First, you need to relax your facial muscles, including your tongue, jaw, and around your eyes. Next, release the tension from the shoulders as much as possible, followed by the upper and lower arms. Then exhale, relaxing the chest and work your way up the legs, starting from the thighs and down. Finally, spend 10 seconds trying to clear your mind before Think of one of the three photos below:

By completing these steps, you can quickly fall asleep in Two minutes, They confirm – and they have Pleasant rest. According to specialists, the recommended amount of rest time to be able to perform properly during the day is Eight hours.


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