Vernán Quiros: “The third wave is inevitable, but through vaccination the disease will be more vulgar”

Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quiros (NA)

“We know that The community trading of the delta variable will occur in the short term. We see that their participation in the infection scenario doubles every 7 days. But here it is necessary to be clear: when you can vaccinate with both doses in a big way, The number of cases is no longer the most important variable, but the number of occupied bedsis the number of seriously ill people,” the Buenos Aires Minister of Health said this morning, Fernan Koiros. “The disease gets a little bit more tacky when people are well protected.”added.

After this week AMBA began voluntary application of combined doses of Sputnik and Moderna for those still waiting to apply the second ingredient, Minister He was optimistic about the degree of acceptability of the portinhos with the interchangeability of the vaccines. So far we have sent about 160,000 invitations and will continue to send them. Of those, 110,000 have already answered that they are willing.”He said this morning in an interview with Radio Rivadavia.

In this sense, Quiros noted that the pace of the vaccination campaign would be key in the face of a potential increase in cases: “That’s what we’ll see, a third wave in the next few weeks, but there may not be many detainees and it won’t be too dangerous for people.”

“It is very important to understand the difference between viral circulation and severe disease,” he said. “All the time the number of cases has been associated with social harm, but after vaccination these two concepts are separated. It happened in England, and it happened in Israel. They have a large curve of cases, especially in unvaccinated people, young adults, or adolescents, But this number was not associated with hospitalization or social harm.”

A person showing his vaccination card after leaving the vaccination center in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires (EFE / Enrique García Medina)
A person showing his vaccination card after leaving the vaccination center in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires (EFE / Enrique García Medina)

He explained: We are not trying to avoid the third wave, but rather that it is transmitted as a normal disease and does no harm to people. The relationship between infection or disease and social attractiveness is separated by vaccination: this is what we have to do from now on to avoid adding more multidimensional damage. This is not a purely health disease, but it harms society in all its dimensions. We must take care of all dimensions and proceed with vaccination”.

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“Out of all the people we asked, and80% agreed to combine doses”Koiros also noted. The combination of the first viral vector vaccine with a messenger RNA vaccine such as Moderna or Pfizer has been studied extensively in the world. There are jobs that have been done in Germany, England, Spain and Denmark. They all showed the same thing: that the result is not only equally safe, but the protection is even greater than the original scheme.“.

“Security is full, the effects are the same, a little more pain in the arm, but nothing significant. He concluded that the most important thing, especially for those who have been waiting for Sputnik for a long time, is to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. ”

Gradual return to normal

The government officially announced, on Saturday, the new measures that will remain in effect until the first of October due to the coronavirus epidemic, which include the flexibility of recreational activities and social gatherings, as well as an increase in the entry of daily passengers within the framework of the gradual openings. The plan announced yesterday by President Alberto Fernandez.

The health measures were made official by DNU 494/2021 published in the Official Gazette, signed by President Alberto Fernandez; Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; And all ministers.

Starting this week, those waiting for the second dose of Sputnik can receive Moderna
Starting this week, those waiting for the second dose of Sputnik can receive Moderna

This weekend, the president announced a plan to “Continuous and progressive slots“to restore activities ‘responsibly and carefully’ in the context of a state of health emergency, anticipating that from today there will be”Gradual increase in the number of people they can meet“And also progress in school enrollment.

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In the implementing decree, it is established that the practice Sports, social, cultural, recreational and religious events in closed places“; as well as “cinemas, theaters, clubs, gastronomic places, cultural centers, gymnasiums, casinos and bingo halls, with a capacity of 70 percent.”

In the second stage is calledminute activitiesProgress will be made through outdoor meetings without capacity, mega events by 30% to 60% and group trips for retirees with full vaccinations. It is also intended to receive vaccinated foreigners from neighboring countries and then from other places “as long as the situation of the country concerned is assessed” to stimulate domestic tourism.

Finally, the third stage will consist of empowerment Activities without capacity, limitless indoor social gatherings, mega-events with full public attendance and full openness of tourismEspecially alumni trips.

According to Vizzotti, in October it is expected that “adolescent vaccines will not be prioritized in doses that reach, Opening borders and accessing the non-compulsory use of chin straps.”

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