US Republican leader Javier Milley mentioned and asked to be included in his party’s presidential debate

Javier Milli won 30 percent of the vote in the Paso organization (Photo: Franco Favasole)

a Republican senator from texas, United Stateindicated in the filter The Advancement of Freedom, Javier MieleThey demanded to be included in the party’s next presidential debate next week.

It comes to Ted Crossthe American legislator who faced Christina Kirchner asked the government Joe Biden To punish the vice president for corruption. On this occasion, the Texas representative in the Senate returned to Argentine politics by supporting Milli after results Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Elections (PASO).

Cruz shared a tweet from New York Times journalist Benny Johnson, who posted a translated clip from an interview by Viviana Canossa The liberal leader, whom he referred to as “Argentine Trump”.

During the interview, he was heard to say, “You can’t give a stupid left-handed man an inch,” later assuring to left-minded people: “Give them an inch and they take it to ruin you. You can’t negotiate with lefties because they’ll wear you down.” The senator responded to the video and said, “Wow. Can we have it in the Republican presidential debate? Please?”

Ted Cruz message about the libertarian leader

Cruz’s letter came after the presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) After becoming the PASO’s most popular vote-getter by adding a total of 7,116,352 votes nationwide, just over 30 percent of the total vote. In this way, the electoral landscape has been divided into two-thirds in light of General elections October.

We will not default on IMF or sovereign debt. This is what Milley told the International Monetary Fund in a virtual meeting on Friday morning, according to Dario EpsteinOne of the economic advisors who participated in Zoom with the agency.

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During the call, the libertarian explained his party’s economic plan and the fund outlined the nature of the current agreement, as well as its expiration dates.

In this sense, the presidential candidate mentioned the reforms that he plans to implement, in the event of winning the elections and gaining access to the executive power, among them: a greater financial adjustment than that required by the International Monetary Fund; standardization of exchange rates; bridge the fiscal deficit, by cutting expenditures; open the economy; carry out a state reform that prevents the changes made from being financed at the expense of society and production; changes in labor laws; and a critical repair to finish central bank.

Javier Milei in his hideout after the PASO results were known (EFE/Gala Abramovich)

As reported by La Libertad Avanza newspaper, the virtual meeting lasted an hour and twenty minutes and included the participation of Epstein, Carlos Rodriguez And Rocky Fernandezalong with the presidential candidate, and Rodrigo ValdezDirector of the International Monetary Fund in the Western Hemisphere with his team.

Days before the meeting, Epstein made some of the economic policy points Milley had raised. Thus, he pointed out dollarization For the economy, which he considered an “essential” part of the plan, but stressed that in order to implement it, it is necessary to “arrange the accounts” and ensure the country’s work. “We’re working to see if we can get the dollars,” he said.

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“We’re not saying ‘gentlemen, vote no because instead of polenta you’ll eat roast,’ we’re saying ‘we’ve come to cut public spending,’ and it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be hard,” he said, adding, “We promise we all have to.” Make an effort, that we’re going to get everything sorted, that we believe in meritocracy and want people who work to have opportunity and growth and social mobility.’ But it didn’t happen about the progress we made today, and it’s rotting.”

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