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Del Rio Border Crossing (Texas, United State) It reopened after the crisis caused by the concentration of more than 10,000 immigrants, the majority of whom are in that place Haitians, who have already been evacuees, reported Saturday to Customs and Border Protection (CBP, in English (CBP, in English).

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The entry point from Mexico has been closed since last September 17 due to the large number of immigrants trying to reach the United States and the collapse in access.

As of 4:00 p.m. local time (21:00 GMT) today, authorities indicated that they would once again allow passenger vehicles and people to pass between both sides of the border, while cargo trucks would resume on Monday, September 27.

“Following efforts to streamline the handling of migrant flows to manageable levels and with public safety restored, CBP has reopened travel and trade operations,” referred to in the statement.

The reopening comes after the US government confirmed on Friday that there were no more migrants, mostly Haitians, in the makeshift camp weeks ago under a bridge at the border with MexicoWhich opened a new page in the immigration crisis facing the president Joe Biden since his arrival at the White House.

At a press conference, US Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mallorcas, reported that more than 2,000 immigrants have been flown back to Haiti, another 8,000 have decided to “voluntarily” return to Mexico, and about 5,000 immigrants are being processed to determine if they are expelled or will face deportation. .

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Thousands of migrants who crossed the Rio Grande on foot to del Rio over a period of days were concentrated under a bridge connecting with Ciudad Acuña in Mexico, causing controversial images by authorities trying to contain access to US soil.

Also on Friday, US President Joe Biden took charge of the “unlikely” cases of mistreatment of immigrants in that region of the border with Mexico, promising that there would be “consequences” for those who perpetrated them.

Speaking to reporters, Biden acknowledged that “HorribleSee photos of border guards chasing migrants on their horses or attacking them with leash.

Source: EFE

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