United States: Incredible rescue of a man who survived repeated bear attacks | in Alaska

A man has been rescued, injured but alive, after being repeatedly attacked by a brown bear at an Alaskan camp for a week.. Unable to call for help, due to the harsh conditions of the place, the visitor did not give up until I found him help.

Saw a helicopter crew making a routine flight over the Alaskan coast Distress sign written on the roof of the cabin Last Friday, the Coast Guard said in a note with New York time. When they came back to check the letter, they saw a man raising his hands in the air. They explained that this gesture “is considered internationally as a signal of assistance.”

Crew members landed and called the individual who needed medical help after being attacked by a bear a few days ago.”they added.

The victim, who had a leg injury and bruising to his torso, told authorities that he was harassed for a week by the bear who was returning to his camp every night.

Finally, it was the man He was taken to the nearby town of La Ahad to receive treatment for his injuries.

The coast guard did not identify the victim, who, according to rescuers, was between 50 and 60 years old, and had been in the shack since July 12 in the small mining town. It is not yet clear how the man got to the remote camp, which has no mobile phone service and is located in a river drainage area.

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