The strict decision taken by France in order to advance omicron

As of Monday, Mandatory use of mask In transportation, sports venues, religious centers and public restaurants in France It will be extended to children from 6 years of age by a published decree.

“The age of 11 years was replaced by the age of ‘6 years’”, setting up the text that amended the decree issued on June 1, 2021 which introduced several new measures, although this is the only measure that was not announced by the government previously, according to him Le Monde newspapere.

Among the measures already announced and contained in the decree, the following stand out: Banning the sale of food Drinks are on public transport until January 23, except for restaurants operating on boats.

A spokesman for the French Cabinet, Gabriel Attal, defended these measures for the “critical” moment that the country is going through with the current outbreak of infection, which reached record numbers not seen during the entire pandemic, as the number of days reached more than 230 thousand. New cases according to the agency Sputnik News.

It seems that the outbreak of the disease has no brakes in the country and yesterday public health agency The French reported that the new Omicron variant, considered to be much more contagious, is already prevalent in the territory.


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