United States: a warning about the relationship with China

Senators from United State Warning messages sent before advertising Xiomara Castro government To start relationships with Mainland China.

Through his Twitter account, the senator for the Republican Party Bill Cassidy expressed concern about the approach Honduras with Chinathe main geopolitical rival of the North American country.

Honduran President Xiomara Castro is bringing her country closer to communist China while the world is moving away. “The people of Honduras will suffer because of his failed leadership,” the American politician said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Senate Foreign Relations CommitteeDemocrat Bob MenendezHe warned of repercussions beyond the current leadership.

“like China Continues campaign to eliminate diplomatic allies to taiwan, resolution Honduras “Accommodating with Beijing will have ramifications that will last beyond the current leadership,” the senator wrote on Twitter. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He continued, “I urge Hondurans to work diligently in protecting their sovereignty and human rights, even as they deepen their ties with one of the most tyrannical regimes in the world.”

“The decision to recognize Beijing is not about competition between it United States and Chinabut the kind of future that Hondurans want to build for themselves and their children.”

while, Mario Diaz BalartMember of the The Congress“Honduras’ decision to betray Taiwan’s democracy and establish relations with it Communist China It’s a damn thing.”

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