Shiva San Joy Lau, from “El Chinito,” Seeks to Enter the US with Distinction | Economy

This was indicated by Vanessa Young, a representative of this company Prepare to arrive United Stateduring MLM; Meanwhile, they are also evaluating their drop in Chili pepper And Colombia.

“Our perspective at the moment is off due to the situation in the country. Above all, in accordance with production costs, it does not help us much. We can even sell much more than before, but the profitability is lower,” Businesswoman noticed.

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In this sense, Young emphasized that for some time work has been done to unify operations and strengthen legal aspects, which has been achieved. “We will start with the United States because we know that the American citizen loves this type of food. In addition, there is a Latino community that craves oriental food,” added.

Regarding the possibility of expanding coverage in the country, The businesswoman mentioned that this option is not excluded, especially in North Lima, East Lima, or in areas such as ArequipaAnd Trujillo also Cusco This is provided that there are interesting opportunities in renting premises to enter the brand.

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costs and profitability

Recently, chufa rice from San Gui Lao has been recognized by the culinary guide Taste Atlas as one of the best restaurants in the world. Since then, the crowd has grown in two locations – according to Young – trying to try this dish.

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In fact, sales this year so far are better than sales for the same period in 2022; However, the Higher manufacturing costs, driven by 70% to 100% increases in proteins such as pork, duck and chicken, reduce profitability.

“This meat has gone up a lot, for example, a year ago ducks were from S/14 per kilogram max and now it’s S/21 and up to S/30. The same is true with chicken, which has grown from S/6 to S / 12.50″, The delegate, who announced that under this situation, the prices of dishes should rise between 5% and 8% in the coming weeks, explained.

Right now, the business is striving to be more efficient by taking advantage of food losses, by preparing snacks and more.

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