LaLiga presents its advances in data science and football analysis

It is important to note that this season, The project exceeded the usual standardsDevelops up to 24 new advanced metrics related to physical performance, goalkeepers, transitions, passes, positioning, pressing, driving or possession. This was possible thanks to the alliance with Microsoftwhich he put into service Beyond the stats The technological power of machine learning and artificial intelligence from Microsoft Azure.

in this aspect, The metrics were provided to the clubs’ technical bodies by Mediacoachas well as for fans, an approach that has been improved this year by integrating advanced analytics into broadcast TV thanks to the Target Probability Scale and a new web portal created as a result of the project, which provides fans with fresh analysis on every LaLiga Santander day.

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“The power of LaLiga data science combined with LaLiga Tech is driving the use of advanced analytics in sports globally.”

for this part, Ricardo Resta, District Manager, LaLiga Mediacoach He explained, “LaLiga’s strength in data science along with LaLiga Tech is driving the use of advanced analytics in sports globally. Mediacoach is a game analysis platform that has been constantly evolving for a decade, with its adaptability and data processing power. In the region, we’ve created more From 112,000 reports with nearly 8 million pages of information and 1,000 million metrics this season, which focus on three key moments: pre-match, to design the match plan and prepare the work of the week; real-time, as an aid in decision-making during the match and even allows you to By programming custom alerts about the most important parameters; and post-match, which focus on what happened and allow analysis of areas for improvement.This volume of data saves thousands of working hours for technical bodies, who previously had to manually review videos.This season we had 717 users in Clubs, from the physical coaches to the technical secretariats, and of course the coaches.”

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New standards this season

Meanwhile, data scientists from LaLiga Tech highlight The importance of the transformation phase for unstructured raw data To turn it into advanced stats that can be useful for coaches and provide additional value for fans. As a result, many competitions outside Spain have been interested in acquiring Mediacoach, which has begun to be marketed around the world through LaLiga Tech.

As for the Raw data collected by Mediacoach, in this mess, in high quality. Event data such as an objective recording of the most relevant technical and tactical actions such as shots, lanes in the area, substitutions or fouls, and offsides, is combined with accurate data collected by 19 fixed peripheral cameras installed on each of the stadiums. league. 16 optical tracking cameras and 3 tactics track players, referees and the ball on the field, recording the location of each one 25 times per second, to generate over 3,500,000 pieces of data for each game, and allow metrics related to speed or distances traveled to be recorded.

Finally, thanks to this tracking data, The LaLiga team has improved event organization metrics With algorithms with new qualifications that detect more specific matching situations, codified and packed into a library so that event data is filtered through the new frame-by-frame model and advanced statistics are generated.

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