UK faces ‘steady rise’ in measles cases

the UK Health Security Agency Registered United Kingdom 141 confirmed cases of measles In the country since the beginning of the years, with 85 cases (60 percent) reported in London. After warnings in the months leading up to summer High risk of measles outbreak If MMR vaccination rates do not improve, the agency has been able to observe a “sustained increase” in cases in some areas of the London metropolitan area.

According to the data, 58 percent of cases occurred In children under ten years of ageWhile 23 percent occurred in young people From 15 to 34 years. Likewise, about one in five cases (23%) were imported or import-related.

UKHSA modeling estimates that with current vaccination coverage in the capital, an outbreak could occur 40,000-60,000 cases. in all countries, 10 percent of children Before entering school, they are not protected against measles, a rate that rises to 20 percent in London.

Low vaccination rates

According to the organizationthe risk in London is mainly due to lower vaccination rates over several years, which has been further affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in some areas and groups where the first dose of the MMR vaccine is covered (Measles, mumps, and rubella) At the age of two years Not exceeding 69.5 percent.

In this sense, the British agency urges parents to ensure that their children have been fully vaccinated with two doses of MMR, by consulting the vaccination registry or their family doctor. In addition, Susceptibility is particularly high among young people aged 19 to 25 yearsinfluenced by the anti-vaccine movement of the 2000s that it sparked Wakefield Publications..

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NHS England launched a Specific national campaign to promote vaccination against MMRincluding targeted outreach work in London to those identified as “high risk” and in communities with the lowest vaccination uptake.

Highly contagious disease

Measles is a highly contagious and contagious disease caused by a virus. From the Paramyxovirus family. It is a pathogen with a common epidemic presentation and is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. The OR in a population with no immunity to measles is 10-20 people.

Although infection-related morbidity and mortality rates are relevant in countries with resources, In countries with limited resources, the mortality rate from measles can reach 15 percent..

Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) He remembers Which Measles can be avoided, almost completely, through vaccination Which provides 99 percent lifetime protection. The measles vaccines used are the same as those introduced in The sixties Worldwide: Attenuated vaccine alone or in combination with rubella, mumps and chicken pox. In Spain, three- or four-component combination vaccines are used, with the measles component containing attenuated viruses of the Enders-Edmonstone and Schwartz strains.

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