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After a break in the United States, the Michelin Guide decided to resume its routine and announced that starting next week, we will know the names of the new winners with its stars in Washington DC, Chicago and New York. It will be online.

The Michelin guide team dealing with the US has just announced a hypothetical series called Still Serving, in which it will introduce new stars in Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York. It also reported its intention to launch a guide to California later this year.

According to the guide, criteria for recognizing the work of new winners are mostly based on inspectors’ experience prior to restrictions due to the pandemic. After this comment, the The New York Times He asked how many institutions would appear in the directory that would be closed, since out of the 110,000 enterprises counted across the country, nearly 17% had reduced blind people.

In this edition, as well as stars, bib gourmands, and recommended dishes, Green Stars will be awarded for the first time.

The first to announce the new winners will be the Washington, DC edition, on April 20. This will be followed by Chicago, which will be published in the week of April 25-30, and finally, by New York, which will be published in the week of May 2-7.

And note …

Now that reopening operations appeared to be occurring in New York, finding hospitality staff became an issue. Due to the pandemic, many have left the city, focusing on their major occupations or changing sectors. But it is not only the Coronavirus crisis that has caused this mass exodus, but, in many cases, it has only exacerbated an already precarious employment situation as many highlight the long hours of daylight, intense physical work and low wages, at times, without health insurance.

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