UCES opened the College of Health Sciences building

On Thursday, March 17th, the . Building was inaugurated College of Health Sciences From the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES), where the race medicine.

The headquarters – located at 91,800 km of Route 6- is the third to be opened by UCES in the Cañuelas region, after the opening of the headquarters in Calle San Vicente; The Agronomy and Veterinary Science Building is also on the highway to La Plata.

The opening ceremony was presided over by the Rector of the University. Gaston O’Donnellwho was accompanied by the university’s honorary president of the House of Studies, Horace O’Donnell Mayor Marisa El Fassi; and national road official, Gustavo Areta.

The President of CONEAU also shared, Nestor BanDean of the College of Health Sciences Dr. Carlos Spectorand members of the Board of Directors of the Cuenca Alta Hospital Nestor Kirchner, Angel Crovato, Beatrice Firmenich, and Roberto Fernandez Mir.

“UCES wants to be local everywhere you are, Wants to be included in the community, be part of the communityGaston O’Donnell stated, noting the excellent association the university maintains with local government.

“This was my father’s dream, to get to Canyolas, develop and get racing health pole, He said it four or five years ago in a meeting with Marisa and Gustavo, and today we are making it a reality,” added the UCES President.

The foundation landed in Cañuelas on March 22, 2011. On that day, the first official residence that worked in the school district No. 1 was officially opened, where 70 students were distributed in three positions: business administration, human resources and foreign trade.

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In 2017, I put forward the idea of ​​decentralizing the professions of veterinary, agricultural engineering and medicine in Canuelas. The project was presented during a luncheon in the rectory in the presence of the Minister of Culture of the Nation, Paul Avelotto. On October 3, 2018, he opened his office Private building at 1289 San Vicente Street. Antarctica, Argentina Canuelas, in the presence of the Provincial Minister of Education, Gabriel Sanchez Zinni.

The place where the medical degree will be taught.

“Actions like this are unprecedented; in general, subsidiary stadiums are created based on non-strategic races, and Here is capital invested strategicallyBan emphasized. UCES is a very strong institution, which has adopted its medical career, which has always worked to raise its standards and quality, promoting The link between private capital and the stateShe is represented in this case by Marisa Vassi and Gustavo Aretta.”

Marisa Vasey added, “More than 20 years ago, we began to dream of Conuelas having study and work opportunities for our young people, so that they could develop without leaving Canuelas,” noting that “The O’Donnell family was very important to Canyola, it was the first university to arrive and the first university to build a university building.”

Gustavo Arrieta was also invited to speak, confirming that the opening of this university is “One of the milestones of the bicentennial”. The official acknowledged the “enormous task of health workers in these years of the pandemic” and highlighted the full opening of the regional hospital.

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