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Ubisoft angered many players by removing access to The Crew, which prompted a first step in drafting a law to prevent this situation – The Crew

The British Parliament's petition has reached the required 10,000 signatures, and a similar initiative is already underway in Australia

Ubisoft's situation with The Crew remains complicated. At the end of March, the French developer Servers shut down of this driving game despite numerous complaints from the community, which demanded an offline mode to continue enjoying their experience. After ignoring this request, the creators of Assassin's Creed went even further Withdrawing license access to the title from all players; something It is stipulated in the terms and conditions From purchase. That's why it was formed An initiative known as Stop Killing Games To demand the establishment of laws that prevent this type of situation. The movement seems to be progressing a lot United kingdom As is the case in Australia.

A few days ago, we told you that the official petition from Stop Killing Games Reached the British Parliament With 5,000 signatures; Insufficient amount to execute the request. However, the movement's architect, YouTuber Accursed Farms, is now making the announcement New video Which The required 10,000 signatures were obtained Therefore, the initiative can continue in the English entity. This is undoubtedly good news for a large portion of the gaming community.

The “Stop the Killing Games” movement reaches the doors of the Australian Parliament

And the progress at Stop Killing Games doesn't end here, as a similar initiative has also been unveiled Australian Parliament. As read in The official website of the government institutionusers are demanding legislation “requiring the sale of software in Australia They are kept in functional condition After the product's support period has ended, it will continue to function without distributor intervention.” Additionally, these requirements are expected to be imposed on top of end-user license agreements (EULA) (End of End User License AgreementEnd User License Agreement), since “many of these licenses attempt to strip customers of ownership rights to purchased products.”

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In the case of the Australian request, the players have until May 20 to sign the document showing their support for the cause. This is only part of the first stage of the movement; If thousands of signatures are collected, as in the British initiative, The Australian government will have to answer. This does not guarantee a positive response, of course, but it is still a way for higher-ups to draw attention to the problem.

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