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With much expectation, a business mission from Sucre is ready to fly to Quebec (Canada) on Friday, where they will share the successful experiences they are developing in their lands.

The mission consists of: Celia Narvaez, a craftsman from Morrowa. Jasmine Alfaro, from Polish Factory, from Since; Yisseth Sierra Castillo, who has a artisanal yogurt company in Valencia, (since); Isolina Alvarez, from Sensiligo; Sandra Olivo, fishing producer from Perugas (San Onover); and Zailis GutiƩrrez Arias, producer of cheese from Fleur del Monte (sheep).

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Likewise, Erlena Blanco, of Sheep; Lina Rodriguez, teacher at San Onover; Myrles Colon Benitez, from Tolovego; Wendy Romero, dedicated to clothing in Corozal; Aracelys Bertel, from a furniture factory in Sambois.

Part of it is only one man, a coffee marketer, Carlos Walter Rojas, of Covinas.

The above was trained within the Crecer Mujer Progress Project in Sucre, with the support of the Quebec Business School (EEQ) and the Canadian government, and was preferred, thanks to the realization of both project activities.

The first was today at the project headquarters in Sensiligo, finalized the details of their trip, and told Globalism who travel with great enthusiasm to be able to showcase their companies internationally, which started as small enterprises and which today have already become companies with great potential.

The group will have the opportunity to learn about other business realities in Quebec, meet with the directors of the Business School, visit the businesses of Canadian entrepreneurs, meet with government representatives, and visit trade and markets, among other activities.

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Those responsible for the Crece Mujer project noted that this mission allows for further strengthening of business capabilities, including in this opportunity, an international experience around the vision of the school headquartered in Quebec, and a global view of first-world markets and economies.

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