Netflix’s failure with Resident Evil took away one of its most exciting projects: Grendel

It was one of Netflix’s most exciting and engaging projects for the coming months: Grendel, Matt Wagner’s comedy Dark Horse since 1982, It was canceled when there were only a few weeks left before the end of filming for the first season. Although there are no obvious reasons, the fact that his Show It was Andrew Dabb, who was also responsible for the critical version of the Resident Evil platform.

While this latest production wasn’t completely lacking in values, it was also clear that it wasn’t exactly what audiences would expect from a Capcom video game saga adaptation. While Netflix has remained vague as usual when it comes to audience numbers, the quick cancellation of the second season of such a powerful and internationally known franchise made it clear that it didn’t pay off for the company either.

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Grendel was a project perhaps as ambitious as Resident Evil, or even more so. it’s about A series that tells the stories of different characters who have carried the name Grendel over the decades. The storyboard was born, obviously, as an approach to villains bigger than life Like Diabolik or Fantomas, but the passage of logical time (forty years of history) allowed Wagner to turn it into something more personal.

Dark Horse, which publishes the series in the United States, has teamed up with Netflix on other occasions. Another very special series of superheroes, “The Umbrella Academy”, was one of her other successes. This time, however, the project doesn’t seem to have crystallized either. Despite seeing the results of “Sandman,” too faithful to the character and aesthetics of the original comedy but too little for the soul, perhaps best for a character of Grendel’s complexity and charisma.

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