Three Google tips for getting better searches with AI

Searches will have more tools to provide users with more complete information.

the artificial intelligence (AI) begins to integrate little by little into the ecosystem of Google. during Research laboratoriesthe platform has enabled a testing phase so that users can start to learn about incorporating this technology into their searches.

To guide those who are beginning to try this tool, the company has provided a series of tips so that they know how to take advantage of the inquiries. Because, for example, it is no longer necessary to ask many questions and then collect all the information together, but thanks to artificial intelligence everything is done in a single process.

The arrival of artificial intelligence will be available for searching on all devices, from mobile phones and tablets running the operating system iOS And android, Even computers.

“This experiment is our first step in bringing AI to search, and we’ll be making many more updates and improvements over time. As we continue to imagine how we can make finding what you’re looking for more natural and intuitive, we look forward to trying out these new features and sharing your feedback with us.”

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Searches will have more tools to provide users with more complete information.

Consolidation of information

Wanting to learn to play a musical instrument is a process that requires a lot of detail. Using AI search, it will be possible to obtain consolidated information with the necessary description to start this path, without having to go through several pages to compile a fragmented guide.

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Another example given by Google is to make a query such as “advantages of starting your own company before becoming a freelancer”, the system will display general information, but will also provide links to other articles to delve deeper into the topic.

simple pointers

A large percentage of Internet searches to answer everyday questions to solve specific problems. Using artificial intelligence, the results will give the relevant indications to find the solution more specific step by step.

For example, the platform advises using artificial intelligence to answer questions like: “What is required to renew a passport for international travel?” or “How do you clean stains on a T-shirt?”.

replies artificial intelligence They will appear first and then follow the suggestions on the web pages for further assistance.

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Searches will have more tools to provide users with more complete information.

Expanding purchases

For those who use the search engine to find out more about a product they want to buy, AI will serve as a guide to getting in-depth information. For example, when you want to use a Bluetooth speaker in the pool, the platform will provide data on important aspects such as water resistance and battery life, which works in this case.

This section has more options, because it will show a button below the result that allows you to ask a follow-up question or select an additional step to start a conversation mode with the system and resolve more doubts.

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At the moment, a file is merged artificial intelligence With the search engine it is not done initially and can only be tested through demand.

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For that, you have to go to and then sign in with your Google account. This will move the profile through a review process and in the next few days you will be notified via email to see if you have been selected to test these new features.

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