Thousands of people protest in the UK capital against pandemic restrictions (photos, videos)


June 27, 2021 02:26 GMT

In the photos circulated on social media, you can see the streets filled with people, many of them without masks, holding banners with the words “Freedom”.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of London on Saturday, demanding an end to restrictions imposed by the UK authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this day of protests, anti-climate groups and other rights advocates were also present.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest decision to UK reopening delay Until the end of next month, it aroused alarm in various sectors of the population, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the mass protests in the central areas of the British capital.

In the photos posted on social networks, you can see the streets are full of people holding signs written in the words “freedom”And torches and chants against government measures. Many of the demonstrators did not wear a mask, and some expressed their rejection of vaccinations. Picks Watchman.

Other groups, albeit smaller as well Share rallies. Among them were climate activists, associations calling for an increase in workers’ salaries, anti-racists, and even pro-Palestine movements.

The total number of participants in the rallies is not accurate, but some estimates speak of tens of thousands of people. In addition, it is expected to take place on Sunday as well More packing.

The police also arrested several individuals, and a few officers were injured amid some incidents of chaos. Likewise, enterprise I remembered Their commitment to maintaining order and ensuring the safety of citizens.

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