Those accused of killing the medical student will remain in prison

David Bustamante and Renzo Muñoz have been held for more than a year for the crime of medical student, Alexis Cueva, who appeared to be dead five days after his disappearance.

On this occasion, Gabriela Gomez, the representative of the Office of the Prosecutor, requested that the coercion scale that burdens the accused be maintained until the trial date, May 20. Defenses agreed because there were no new items to contribute. Finally, the judge decided to maintain the pretrial detention of the two prisoners until May 20.

The the kill From Alexis Cueva on Saturday, November 23, 2019, between approximately 6 pm and 10:30 pm, at which time Renzo Fernando Muñoz and Leonardo David Bustamante were collected and seen at the latter’s house in Los Nogales at 800 o’clock from this city, when the victim Alexis arrived Esteban Cueva, who stayed with them for drinks.

Around 10:30 pm, Muñoz, Bustamante and Coeva leave the place in a Fiat Punto de Bustamante and for reasons not yet known, between 10:30 pm that day and 13 Thursday 28 Muñoz and Bustamante – according to the OTP – they killed Cueva with a knife And they hit him seven times in the neck.

Later, both defendants transported Cueva’s body in the car, and dumped it near the La Mata stream, located on Juan Domingo Perón Road, at Gate 4 leading to the San Martin Autodrome Square. He was found there in the five days that followed his disappearance, after climbing operations carried out by the prefectural police, which were carried out due to the investigation initiated by a complaint about the disappearance of a person by the mother of the victim.

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This incident was legally classified as a “minor murder”, as “co-perpetrators”, for both accused, and one of them was arrested days later in a town in the province of Buenos Aires. The other surrendered alone, on the advice of his lawyer, after he went and returned – according to the statement – to Cordoba.

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