This will be the new series for Poco protagonist Ortodoxa

Shira Has in Non-Orthodoxy. Photo: Netflix.

Shira Hass She became one of the actresses of the moment. His role in the series NetflixAnd the UnconventionalIt earned him the attention and respect of critics, audiences, and awards. In fact, in the latest release of the Golden Globes, she was nominated in the “Best Actress in a Miniseries” category, even though the award went to Anya Taylor-Joy.

After the huge success of the miniseries – which can be seen on the broadcast platform – the 25-year-old actress seems to have a very promising future. Now, the young woman has been chosen to take on another powerful role: the role Golda Meir, The Ukrainian-born Israeli prime minister raised in the United States.

It is a new series about his life that will be named The lioness And you will have a technical team that can only promise a high quality product. On the one hand, it will have the executive production of Barbara Streisand, Who is participating for the first time in a TV project; On the other hand, it will be Eric Tuckman – clerk The Handmaid’s Tale– Como Show.

Shira Has in Non-Orthodoxy. Photo: Netflix

The lioness It will be based on the biography of Meir that he wrote Francine Clagesbronn And apparently, Haas will be the only actress in charge of the role, which is estimated to focus on the statesman’s youth, including her moments of greater feminist and Zionist activism, as well as union work. It must be remembered that Meir has previously interpreted neither more nor less than Ingrid Bergman in the film A woman named Golda 1982.

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The date of the premiere is not yet known, but undoubtedly the role of Haas will be profitable, not only because of the controversial character Meir, but because the series will have a strong performance that will return it to the audience and critics.

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