Claims in Neuro continue to denounce a crisis in the health system

The union denounced the “chronic shortage of staff in our hospital.”
Photo: UTS.

The Union of Health Workers (UTS) has condemned a crisis in the health system due to the shortage of staff and working conditions for professionals working in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital..

These days, the staff at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital have implemented vision procedures and protested the lack of answers from the county authorities, but the claim remains the same: lack of staff. The already chronic shortage of staff in our hospital and in the entire network of scarce mental health services in our province is leaving a large and growing proportion of Cordoba in a vulnerable position, a situation which is exacerbated as evidenced by the epidemic, ”they claimed from the union through a statement.

They also warned that a 35-year-old male, brought by GES staff, was admitted without vital signs by a hospital guard.

After all CPR maneuvers were performed and in the absence of response, death was confirmed. The young man, who had a history of psychotherapy, was suffering from a psychomotor provocation crisis, he was taken to a general hospital where he was evaluated and referred to the hospital where he was recognized as lifeless.Photographed.

In addition, they confirmed from UTS that mental health conditions have increased dramatically, and the increase in problematic substance use, anxiety and depression disorders has been documented by various studies. “This situation, in addition to the serious economic and social crisis, significantly increases the demand in the general hospital we are going through, and none of this appears to be of interest to the government of Cordoba, which continues to reduce the number of employees in this sensitive area. This unfortunate event illustrates the instability in which we do our job, the public hospitals ravaged by devastating mental health services, a completely flawed patient transportation system and increasingly limited access to the health system (which favors reparation abolition) is a combination announcing new and unfortunate episodesThey continued.

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