This will be the new camera for the iPhone 16

This cell phone zoom will cover a focal length of 300mm and will be ideal for portrait and animal photography. (Reuters/Thomas Peter)

he iPhone 15 It’s not officially on sale, but details are already leaking out on what will be next iPhone 16 That you can use optimization in different aspects of hardwareEspecially with regard to the cell phone camera, which will have greater capabilities and will increase its range.

The new features of iPhone 16 will include a powerful binoculars lens (telephoto), which has a focal length of more than 300 mm Which can at least guarantee to generate a feeling close to a solid zoom that would also get better.

According to the information revealed by the various media dedicated to manzanaThis camera will be more powerful than the built-in version iPhone 15And Because even though they will both have a lens of approx 77 mm, One of the issues I encountered is the consistently low quality when trying to take pictures with optical zoom.

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With the new addition of Periscope front camera and increase in scope focal distance From the mobile device, users will be able to take better photos with better quality the pictures Because the lens is more complex and has more components that can help focus objects, as well as create remote videos with improvements in Accuracy.

The iPhone 16 will have a periscope camera to improve the quality of photos taken with zoom. Follow Favorite

For example, this type of glasses It is directly related to the photography activity such as sports and wild animals in the distance. However, it can also be used to capture the pictures The same as in portrait shooting sessions as long as there is a judicious distance between the subject and the lens.

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telephoto lens manzana It’s also useful if you want to take pictures of sporting events or animals because you can separate the subject from the background and ensure that objects are placed correctly in the frame. space.

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More rumors about the details iPhone 16 indicate it, just as it does in the iPhone 14 And iPhone 15cell phone manzana And they will include Isla Dinámica in the new version of the cell phone that could arrive in stores from September of the year. 2024.

On the other hand, the camera iPhone 16 It will have a vertical design that will allow the device to be instantly recognized as the latest model and the iPhone 16 Pro screen has been referred to, since it is a design modification against decimal points.

Apple will launch the iPhone 16 in 2024.

regarding a model iPhone 16Its hardware design will not have much changes compared to the release of the iPhone 15 in the Pro and Pro Max versions.

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It will have a titanium frame, in addition to that it would have included the touch buttons that were canceled in the iPhone 15 and it would retain the USB-C connector that was already going to be released in the previous generation; However, an iPhone without ports is not excluded.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 will have a larger screen after reducing the contour edges, thus increasing the working area and not making a bigger phone.

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While this is some of the first information about what the new design will be, it is important to establish that the company has plenty of time to test different designs and camera configurations.

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