This is how Neuquén’s politicians greeted the year 2022 on the networks

Through messages, photos and videos, Neuquén political leaders welcomed 2022. The vast majority did so through posts on social networks, where there was no shortage of allusions to the difficult year that ended due to the pandemic situation and the hope with the new year beginning.

“We have had very difficult moments, we have faced them and have known how to move forward together, with the best of both Neuquén and Neuquén. I am proud and I love the people of the Prefecture who have set an amazing example of perseverance and desire The governor said: “From the heart a happy and full of happiness” Omar Guterresthrough his Twitter account.

Lieutenant Governor Marcus Copman He also left his message attached to a video reviewing various moments of his administration during 2021.

Minister of Security Vanina Merlo He chose a more corporate message looking at the year that began: “May 2022 brings us peace, joy and hope to face new ventures. Let’s say goodbye to the year that renews our dreams, united, without fireworks and take care of ourselves. Happy New Year!”

observer Mariano Guido It was also along the same lines: “Let us welcome this new year with joy and may unity be the engine to move forward, stand up and build everyone’s dreams. Congratulations neighbours!”, the mayor sent.

conciliator Marcelo Bermudez He chose to post a photo with his mother they welcomed alone in 2022 as a precaution. We wish you and the rest of my family in 2022. With affection, health and work. Hugs,” was the mayor’s tweet.

Ciudad Saludable Agent, Andrea Veraccioli, known as an active animal advocate, has posted photos with some of her pets. He also mentioned the dangers of drunk driving and reminded the ban on the use of fireworks.

conciliator Juan Pelaez (UCR) has also used Twitter to welcome the New Year. “I wish we had Happy 2022, amid the affection, health and prosperity of all Argentines, and Neuquen in particular”, said the mayor.

As well as the Chairman of the Board of Deliberations, Claudia ArgomeroHe added to the wishes of happiness by posting a board on the social network.

District Deputy Leticia Esteves He chose a photo of the family reunion he had organized to say goodbye to this year and hello to 2022. “Always with the family,” he wrote on Twitter.

National Representative ask Bertoldi Facebook chose to send its regards: “Wishing you a great start to the year, and finding us working for a more just, federal, inclusive and sovereign Argentina.”

Pablo ServiThe national legislator posted on Twitter a message of hope for the year that started: “Wishing you the year that begins is full of energy, momentum, recovery, health and action! Happy 2022!”

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