She is an influencer and a teacher, but parents are asking for her to be expelled because she is “distracting students” with her way of dressing

He calls himself an art teacher on Instagram and introduces himself as an “anti-bullying”. He has over 700,000 followers, but not with the approval of the parents of the school where he works in New Jersey. The main complaint concerns the way they dress, which, they say, can distract children and detract from their pedagogical education. However, the popularity The instagrammer reiterated his commitment to the profession.

In addition to posting photos at home and public places, the Art Teacher also showcases her daily work at school, posing with students and while supervising activities. In that space, she also articulated her calling: “Artist, art educator, influencer, etc. I have worked for years to become the woman I am today. Strong, successful, loving, enthusiastic, etc. Unfortunately, Being an influencer, it’s easy for most people to overlook the huge amount of work it takes to get to where I am today.”Wrote.

Parents of the school where the influencer works, The Art Teacher, claim that her dressing style is inappropriate for the work she doesTweet embed

He added after the attacks he was exposed to, which put his position at risk: “Some people think we are made of stone and we have no feelings. Some forget the fact that their lack of empathy can lead to us losing the income we use to support our families or our emotional control.” Influencer and teacher highlights that art has become a shield against negativity.

However, there are some users who support her and make positive comments about her attitude in the face of criticism: “At this age children care about children’s things, so why do mothers who are not physically fit say these things? Could they be? Are parents distracted?” One of them, other people and even classmates find it not appropriate: ‘As a former teacher, this is sad and it is simply not okay to wear tight clothes at school or in any workplace, anyway. Kids are exposed to you, especially if they are in elementary school or above, just wow, how can you not respect your work and your kids?

A New Jersey teacher has been criticized by parents for the way she is dressed
A New Jersey teacher has been criticized by parents for the way she is dressedTweet embed

The art teacher also explained the difficulties teachers face, such as the need to leave problems behind when they cross the classroom door: “Teachers have to be able to handle the daily bumps, the endless amount of mood swings, and they have to work well under pressure.And the Be able to multitaskPlay around, have fun, be a psychiatrist, comedian, counselor, mind reader, security patrol, and countless other things.”

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This is not the first case that a teacher has been singled out by parents for dressing outside school. Last month, The mother of a family collected signatures to request a teacher class in the state of Mexico, after her personal Instagram account was discovered, Where you stand in tight clothes and bikini outside the context of work. However, the teacher defended herself by saying that her social networks are private, and because of the age of her students, about five years, they are not exposed to this content, which they claim conflicts with their professional side.

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