This horror game is drawn in pencil and in its trailer is a big puzzle without monsters, but scary

Hidden Fields offers a weird rendering of its design, which already has a release date for consoles and computers.

Fear can be expressed and conveyed in many different ways. We’ve seen it throughout the history of video games, with titles that can shrink our hearts. Dangers have been hidden for years from perspective with fixed cameras, and later with creatures constantly stalking us or suddenly appearing, and in recent years it seems that it is common to express it in the first person’s conscience, such as Resident Evil 8In order to convey more of the feeling that we are heroes a Horror film.

A horror adventure with exploration, puzzles, and hostile confrontationsHow would you survive if we told you that pencil generated work can be very intimidating as well? At least that’s what he’s intending MundownHorror video game developed by Hidden fields Which already has a release date. It will be available March 16th on PlayStation 5. Xbox seriesPlayStation 4, Xbox One, LLC PC Across steam Based on Epic Games Store. This, along with the first person perspective, will be the main assets of this interesting and innovative independent proposal.

The game is described as A. “Beautiful horror story drawn in pencil” Which occurs in a dark valley located in the Alps. The adventure will focus on exploring environments full of secrets to be discovered. But there will also be hostile confrontations that have to be dealt with. There will be enough Variety of positionsBecause we will be able to drive vehicles and solve craft puzzles. Its visual aspect, which we say It is completely drawn in pencilWith its colors, it is reminiscent of the jewel of indie video games as it is The return of Opera Dean.

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The protagonist of the adventure novel will travel to the place after getting acquainted with Grandfather dies in a fire; He returns to the place for the first time after his childhood. Although it doesn’t take long for us to discover that something diabolical is threatening the inhabitants of the village. Discovering why these fateful events happened, must travel to Mundown Mountain to find answers.

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