They’re turning Devil May Cry 5 into the craziest Half-Life 2 in history thanks to an amazing mod

The gaming community no longer knows how to ask Valve for the third installment of the Half-Life series.

Devil May Cry 5 ‘Devil May Crowbar’ mod image

Despite recent rumors fueling the possibility of seeing Half-Life 3, the truth is that Valve seems more focused at the moment on developing new hardware, rather than focusing on a new version of the Gordon Freeman series. For now, we’ll have to settle down Modifications From the society that allows Rediscover the Half-Life series From other points of view.

We’ve seen it recently Half-life adjustments That completely transforms the game, like a LEGO game, but what would happen if it was another game that was completely converted To become a copy of Half-Life. Let’s find out.

The craziest version of Half-Life yet

It turns out that the user has created Mod for Devil May Cry 5called “Devil May Crowbar”, which turns the Capcom game into A crazy version of Half-Life In the purest hack-and-slash style that doesn’t just replace the game’s heroes Gordon Freeman (Dante), Juman (Virgil)Kleiner (Nero) and Gregory (V), brings Custom weapons and enemies From Half-Life and even tweaking some of the game’s main music themes.

Capcom Engine RE In recent years, it has proven to be a driving force Very friendly modlike Shrek in Resident Evil 4, and there are those who make the most of it with fantastic creations like Half Life a la Devil May Cry.

Does not seem to The most traditional way to continue the Half-Life sagabut it seems that Valve has no intention of doing more with it, so we’ll just have to live the first parts and see how Community It continues to give it a second life through projects like Half-Life 2 RTX where Nvidia is working with other mods.

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