They were looking for crabs, they thought they saw a seal but made an unexpected discovery in an iceberg

A group of fishermen were looking for crabs and hit a cart strange character Off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, in the east Canada. This rare “object” was on a file Ice mountain. They initially thought it was a seal, but later found out This was not the case.

Mallory Harriganand brothers cliff s Alan Russell, they verified that the blurred image they saw actually corresponds to a copy of visit North PoleWho, according to the fishermen, is “starving” and “terrified” by the danger of an attack by fishermen. Gaviotas He flew over the place in search of food.

Finally, when they put the animal on the boat, they improvised a bed that they placed on and covered, to prevent the fox from hypothermia due to the extremely cold temperatures in place. (Photo: Instagram / malloryharrigan90)

“Maybe he got stuck there when I was looking for food. And Cliff saw a piece of meat in the ice, which split and slid into the sea,” Harrigan explained. That’s when these guys were They decided to save him.

“At first it was very difficult to download because I was trying to escape from U.S. We had to break the ice and capture it with salperThey explained, referring to the use of a fishing net supported by a frame and long handle, like a shovel.

Finally, when they ascended to Animal The ship improvised a bed in it Put it on and cover itto prevent the fox hypothermia Because of the extremely cold temperatures in the place.

Already installed on the boat aka “Northern Swan”Hunters took pictures of the animal resting in a corner. After hours, they managed to give it to him feed him To gain strength, once on the ground, the wild animal was chest in its natural environment.

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In fact, fishermen saw it again today. In a hurry About the William Bay area.

Alan Russell made a post on the social network Facebook social networking site Regarding this episode: “We were near the ice getting baited, when we saw a lost arctic fox, more than 4 miles from the mainland!Hope he recovers And save it! “.

thank God By these good people, especially in these times when life appears, be it human or animal import less and lessHe wrote a user after learning about the Hunters’ actions.

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