They stole 25 thousand dollars from the director of a well-known medical and cosmetic clinic

Upon arriving at his home in the Centro neighborhood, a well-known manager of the medical and beauty clinic noticed that there was no amount of 25 thousand dollars, but that there was no damage to the house, and the cleaning employee who was raided was suspicious. Yesterday he hijacked his cell phone.

On Friday, the director of the well-known downtown medical and beauty clinic denounced that while he was absent from his home in calle Francia al 500, on April 13, he was robbed of $25,000 he left in one of his rooms.
When personnel from the First Police Department arrived at the scene to intervene in the incident, they found that none of the entrances to the house were forced, which led to the assumption that the person who had access to the house, a key, had whoever committed the crime classified as theft.
Thus, the crime department quickly arrived at the scene to smooth out the scene looking for fingerprints and other items of interest, as well as the police detective department, which proceeded to unload the security cameras and conduct interviews, suspicious of the employee responsible for cleaning the place. .
With all the data collected, a warrant for a search and house search was ordered at the woman’s home, located at 1 Al 1,800 Street in the San Caetano neighborhood, which was the only person outside the family who had access to the victim’s home and despite the large amount of money Stolen has not been found, the cell phone can be confiscated and will be analyzed for information that can confirm or exclude authorship.

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