They send a written order to the urban bases Roshi Rd and this is the crime he is accused of

urban exponent Roshi R It was notified by a cautionary measure and payment of arrears for incurring a violation of the artistic representation agreement, which it has signed since March 2020 for the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada with Dominican businessman Maximo Andujar.

Through a press release sent to Diario Lieber, it was reported that the warning against the “Wawa” leader came after posts made through the social networks of the urban singer, about the alleged steps and procedures for obtaining a North American visa and tours to the American Federation.

Rochy took an advance of $15,000 for several tours to the United States on the same date he signed the contract with Máximo Andújar, March 20, 2020.

“On August 3, we were informed of a warning and arrears against Mr. Aderli Ramírez Oviedo, known technically as Rochy RD, for refraining from doing or talking about artworks with third parties, tours or promotions of any kind such as: radio, television or any other Another known or unknown broadcast medium; for the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, without the participation or assistance of Mr.

Andigar explained that he has never received any information from the singer about the process of obtaining a visa and touring the United States with third parties, which he classifies as a “scam”.

“Rochy told our client that he had no pending criminal record and when everything related to him and 5 other O-1/O-2 visa recipients were investigated, our client Mr. Maximo Andujar learned that not only Mr Rochy RD, he had many open cases with the laws of the Dominican Republic.

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Two other teams of his staff also ran into problems, as approximately $4500.000.00 in additional expenses were added in the file upload and withdrawal process, delaying the entire visa application process, with Rochy RD stating that he would reimburse the expenses incurred by Andújar Music.

However, during the process, the rapper faced more legal troubles and Mr. Máximo Andújar had to incur further expenses in the total amount of RD 770.000.00 plus fifteen thousand US dollars 15.000.00 up front from the tour.

“Mr. Roshi R. of his word, and our client has been informed that Mr. Roshi R. has also publicly told Mr. Gerardo Ulloa of U Productions to stop telling and confusing his fans and other booking agents.”

De Rochy is not bound by what is stipulated, and Andújar will be obligated to act against him through all legal means available to him, in particular with regard to civil liability for damages caused, as well as filing a criminal complaint for “fraud”, “breach of trust” and “association” criminals.”

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