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The video went viral Instagram Show something cool. TheUsers of that social network posted a picture showing a dark trail flying in the sky. According to netizens, the strange creature could be A “Deminor”, the gloomy character of the epic Harry Potter.

the user “memesjizz” It appears to have been recorded from the window of a Wizzai plane. In the description of the video you can only read: “What are you thinking?”. There is no further information about the flight nor about the creature. It is known only thanks to the official website of the airline that “Wizzair He only travels to Central and Eastern Europe.

Instagram netizens say it is faint, because the object is black and the video shows a head and the rest of the body is blurred., just like the fictional character of that English epic.

Although many users claimed it was malicious, many others said it was a UFO or alien being.. So far nothing is certain, and the most accurate data on this topic is unknown.

Another “madness” in the sky

However, this is not the first time that such an object has appeared at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying. In 2018, a couple managed to capture the same flying object in the sky, the ‘dementor’, and this phenomenon was even covered in some international media.

The video was shared on YouTube on the channel.Keri Forides”, which is listed as a UFO. Kerry, who is responsible for recording the video from the window of his plane, explained that his flight was passing through Turkey to the city of Athens. The blogger noted that it was 4:30 p.m. when he and his wife were able to see the object in the sky.

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However, Kerry noted that minutes before “Malice” appeared, his wife saw a missile, so “I Didn’t Stop Seeing The Sky Until This Appeared”.

Kerry stated in a comment on RT that he was working for the Unidentified Flying Objects “Association” in Canberra, Australia, but claimed he had never seen anything of the sort. “We investigated the views,” he said, “but I have to admit that was strange even to me.”

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